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Top WP E-Commerce Plugins

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The launch of the internet expanded the scope of businesses – new business models emerged and existing ones disrupted or radically changed. In recent years, more and more businesses have jumped on the e-commerce bandwagon and started selling products and services online. Correspondingly, even customers increasingly took to online purchasing for it was highly convenient, less time consuming and also made for deeper and effective purchase decisions. In light of this, several business start-ups have cropped up catering to the varied needs of customers – often innovative and niche. …

Leveraging the power of AMP

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Every client that seeks to hire a dedicated programmer from us has the prime mandate of providing a fast and smooth browsing experience on their websites. This has a direct correlation to the page views and indirectly sales. After all, in this age of smartphone and a certain accustoming to faster content generation, a sluggish browsing experience is enough to turn off visitors and nick them away towards rival websites. In this regard, Google and Twitter collaborated and came up with the concept of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in an effort to realise faster webpages especially on mobile. Many…

Completed Codeigniter Project: Learnavel development

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New Learning Vision is home of online streaming video music lessons and currently they offers online music lessons in the form of streaming video in flamenco guitar lessons,bass guitar lessons, classical guitar.

– Its based on musical eCommerce site – Learn music from online course. – It have user Register/login process – Once user logged into their account have a ablity to add the liked musical lesson into their favourite list and anytime add to their cart and buy it. – After buy the lessons users have a can able to watch music videos full course from online in …

Speeding Up Your WordPress Site

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Many a time clients approach us to hire a dedicated WordPress developer for fructifying their online business with the primary mandate of catering uniquely to their target market. In this process, a rich and complex website gets created. At the same time, we strive to provide for a snappy and smooth experience for end users. This, we feel, would reflect positively on their SEO, thereby retaining and pulling more customers. However, over the long term, sites get overburdened with traffic and information clutter – leading to performance issues. In this blogpost, we discuss some major tweaks…

Completed PHP Project: PHP Training

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PHP Training provides real-time training from beginner to advanced level programs with project-based training. For this client, we did develop a mini-project with paid and free versions using PHP, HTML and Bootstrap CSS.

Here you will even download PHP code materials for practice. The PHP course syllabus is hand-crafted by industry experts, and they adhere to the syllabus with latest technologies based on current industry demands across various disciplines.

Standalone Mini projects list:

-Login Scripts: You can embed the login form in any of your existing web pages. The login form is built…

Useful API’s for Web Developers

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Both freelance and experienced developers would be familiar with API and probably used them extensively in their web development projects. API stands for Application Programming Interface. It can be thought of as a useful agent between two applications, facilitating user action. For instance, APIs are involved when users send messages on Facebook messenger. To be precise, APIs perform some niche or custom functions as per client requirements, thereby removing the burden of having to create them manually. Fortunately, we have a lot of APIs in the market which are sure to entice various developers…

Completed WordPress Project: Synco Media

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This website Synco Media is combination of Customers and Business growth. This company provides in house training to grow your business to the next level or initial level. Also, they deliver trained business peoples in this industry. So Synco Media is Clear Thoughts and Clear Results. In this project we did website mockup design and custom theme integration using Bootstrap CSS.

The following features we worked and involved this website using WordPress.

  • Website Mockup Design
  • Custom Template Design
  • Responsive HTML using Bootstrap CSS
  • Responsive Theme Integration
  • Contact Form, Post Carousels
  • PHP Training – Hybrid Mobile Application

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    Php Training Mobile app has been designed and developed to learn PHP via mobile app. Below are the features:

    – It’s a hybrid application for beginners to learn PHP with video tutorials like udemy. – Any users can able to watch free videos & for the users with membership can watch premium Videos – It’s an one touch video application to play, pause and stop. – Instructor will be providing the recorded video for each topics – Blogs are also available for each topic with more details to it

    Technology used: – Hybrid app development – ionic…

    Taking PhoneGap Development to the Next Level

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    The emergence of the smartphone in the late 2000s led to the growth of new programming platforms that sought to build innovative mobile applications for Android, iOS and other platforms. PhoneGap, earlier known as Apache Cordova, became an instant hit among mobile app developers because it truly revolutionised the industry – in the sense, it allowed for greater programming development that aided in creating truly native mobile experiences. But like any other platform, PhoneGap also has its limitations that includes the inability to leverage the SDK and UI infra which is required for performing…

    New Features in Laravel 6

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    Many of us developers and programmers use Laravel to deftly craft web development projects for our clients because it eases the routine tasks without compromising functionality. For the uninitiated, Laravel is a very popular open-source PHP framework that is hosted on GitHub. One of its highlighting features is the presence of a modular packaging system. It enables in intricate application deployment and maintenance.

    There are clients who come to us to hire our dedicated php developers to quickly deploy their online portal due to paucity of time. In such cases, our developers have turned…

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