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PHP Cache

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The underlying framework of millions of today’s websites is powered by PHP. Judging by its popularity, our team at HireDedicatedProgrammers reckons that PHP is here to stay in the foreseeable future. In recent years, especially with the increased ease of doing business, many first time business clients hire a dedicated php developer to design an all-round website for their business. Many developers develop a website without a framework and often in these cases, the working of the website is fraught with performance issues. The implementation of a simple caching system can do wonders in…

Crafting a Real Estate Website using HomePress

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Clients and businesses across sectors hire dedicated programmers for developing their website.The work of a programming stalwart is very diverse and often one has to juggle between multiple projects effortlessly.Sometimes, in keeping with our commitment to complete projects quickly, we may deploy a one-size fits all solutions. This holds true especially in the development of themes. But we must remember that clients choose to hire a dedicated programmer for a specific project – to develop that unique website that makes the business stand out and also users to keep coming back.

In our …

Popular Programming Languages In 2019

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Programming languages are a matter of great interest for the ardent web developers out there. From the multitude of programming languages, clients hiring a dedicated developer  for big scale development projects are likely to work with such developers who are well versed in at least a couple of the popular and useful languages. Not only when one is hiring a dedicated programmer but programming languages also evince interest in tool experts who work on launching timely SDKs.

In this blogpost, our developer team at HireDedicatedProgrammers.com make an assessment of all the programming …

Important E-Commerce Metrics

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The E-Commerce sector has been on the upswing in the recent years and this is set to solidify in the coming decade. Having said that, if you are someone who is looking  to open an online store or enhance the shopping front, then there you are going to need to hire a dedicated OpenCart developer. Why, you ask? These OpenCart and Magneto developers have the required expertise to kick start your e-commerce website and are also very much familiar with the different e-commerce metrics.

Clients in the e-commerce space may well know the importance of customer data, given how it directly and indirectly …

Enhancing Front End Performance

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In a website, the most impressionable thing is the front end experience. It can make or break a website. A front end needs to appeal and attract visitors. Failing to do so can drive away potential traffic and this can also have a cascading effect – negative impact on end sales. As part of HireDedicatedProgrammers.com, our web development team have completed multiple web development projects since the past several years. We have seen some of our clients hire our dedicated programmers to focus exclusively on the front end experience. They recognise the vitality of the front end and want to do all…

Latest CSS techniques that Web designers must know

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Styling is usually considered as one of the less important aspects of web development but in fact, at least in our experience where a range of clients have hired our dedicated developers, we have found that styling can indirectly but significantly improve the user engagement, thereby positively affecting end sales.

In our quest to share our knowledge with the developer community and in keeping up with the latest trends in web development, we bring to you this blogpost where we share some of the latest CSS techniques that web programmers must check out. Clients hiring a dedicated programmer for…

Best Chrome Extensions to improve Productivity

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The life of a web programmer is pretty hectic and beautifully challenging. Most often, developers are engaged in multiple web development projects at the same time. Moreover, clients hiring dedicated web developers invariably expect more within the deadline. As a result, web developers have to juggle many web development projects and deliver maximum output – in other words – be at their productive best.

Fortunately, we have certain tools at our disposal that aim to improve the workflow of a web developer. Clients have been continually hiring our programmers, at HireDedicatedProgrammers…


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VoiceHerd is a mobile app which enables users to connect peer to peer. It’s fast and easy to create an account – find friends via their email in phone contacts. Herds(Events) can be on any topic – local, national or international, it’s easy to search using the app .

VoiceHerd has a messaging capability

1. Chat room for each event 2. Private chat rooms 3. Chat room for each organizational groups. 4. Provided with public chat 5. Admin can chat through admin panel

VoiceHerd is effective on the move, for example at events, concerts or when traveling so you can communicate with those…

Build A Beanie

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Recently we done Buildabeanie.com website for our one of the best customer ASHBA. We developed this website using OpenCart framework. ASHBA Enterprises Inc company designed layout and Our hirededicatedprogrammers.com team integrated with OpenCart templates. We did lot of customization with the templates and existing OpenCart modules as per our customer requirements.

This website have features like affiliate system, gift certificates, custom beanie selecting using product image option dropdowm extension, Product image layers extension and newsletter subscription extensions.…

Shopping Aim

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Shoppingaim.se is devloped for one of our valuable client. We developed the website using Magento Community Edition. Website having the features like Catalog Browsing, Ajax shopping cart top navigation, Ajax Enhanced search, Monthly Newsletter subscription, Shop By Manufacturer, Shop By Attribute using the Catalog search functionality and Product filter options, New theme integration. Also we integrated internet banking, Klarna and PayEx payment gateways to checkout.…

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