VoiceHerd is a mobile app which enables users to connect peer to peer. It’s fast and easy to create an account – find friends via their email in phone contacts.

Herds(Events) can be on any topic – local, national or international, it’s easy to search using the app.

VoiceHerd has a messaging capability

1. Chat room for each event
2. Private chat rooms
3. Chat room for each organizational groups.
4. Provided with public chat
5. Admin can chat through admin panel

VoiceHerd is effective on the move, for example at events, concerts or when traveling so you can communicate with those nearby using the app

You’ll also be able to find Herds close to you using map from your location.

You can invite other friends to join each Herd.(Invite through email)

Records user location, device name, device platform, date time on user login.

Technology used:
Quickblox [ xmpp chat ]
Webservice using Smarty