Popular Programming Languages In 2019

Popular Programming Languages In 2019

Programming languages are a matter of great interest for the ardent web developers out there. From the multitude of programming languages, clients hiring a dedicated developer  for big scale development projects are likely to work with such developers who are well versed in at least a couple of the popular and useful languages. Not only when one is hiring a dedicated programmer but programming languages also evince interest in tool experts who work on launching timely SDKs.

In this blogpost, our developer team at HireDedicatedProgrammers.com make an assessment of all the programming languages from the old to the new. Programming languages have evolved since the 1980s through various phases – from the pre-internet desktop coding language to the IoT (Internet of Things) coding language. Clients hiring a dedicated developer for  building their sophisticated business on the internet or elsewhere now want to reach out to and target more customers in differentiated ways.

In this backdrop, we have found that JavaScript continues to be the most popular programming language, thanks to its 12 million strong developer community.It is an attractive language to web programmers for a variety of reasons. Part of its popularity is owed to clients hiring a dedicated programmer  for deploying web applications in the cloud and web. Some businesses even hire a dedicated programmer  who is an expert in JavaScript to develop applications even for IoT.

The next most popular language is Python. This aligns with the global technology trend of moving towards more machine language capabilities in upcoming businesses. Such businesses would do well to hire dedicated programmers who are python experts rather than R programming experts. Next in line is our beloved Java which is the underlying language for all the android operating systems out there. Android development is still seeing growth and therefore there is a need to hire dedicated developers in that arena.

Then comes C# which is the backbone of all Microsoft applications. So as long as Microsoft exists, there is always a need to hire a dedicated developer  to develop new smart applications. The C/C++ is one of the earlier languages. Although it enjoys a lower patronage currently, it still powers game engines and also IoT. So business house looking to develop games need to hire a dedicated programmer who is an expert in this core language. Now comes one of the most popular languages as regards to web development. In addition to that, it is also growing faster than other languages. Clients hiring a dedicated PHP developer  for any web development project would have the edge given that it virtually powers the modern internet application.

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