PHP Cache

PHP Cache

The underlying framework of millions of today’s websites is powered by PHP. Judging by its popularity, our team at HireDedicatedProgrammers reckons that PHP is here to stay in the foreseeable future. In recent years, especially with the increased ease of doing business, many first time business clients hire a dedicated php developer to design an all-round website for their business. Many developers develop a website without a framework and often in these cases, the working of the website is fraught with performance issues. The implementation of a simple caching system can do wonders in such scenarios.

All developers are familiar with caching. It is a process used to maximise speed and performance of the website. Clients hiring dedicated programmers with the mandate of designing websites with superior performance can implement caching which basically duplicates data (in this case, webpages). This is because loading original data each time can be a burden on resources – time. This is directly proportional to the content and website traffic. Higher the content and traffic, higher is the likelihood of slow load times.Hiring a dedicated developer means this can be resolved, provided she has the right knowledge and technical know-how.


Owing to our vast domain experience as developers at HireDedicatedProgrammers, we come up with this blogpost  to chalk out the necessary steps in designing an optimal cache. The first step is to create two php files – top cache and bottom cache. In top cache, the developer needs to create the cached file name according to the current file. Then, a variable to determine the life of the simple cache is created. This is proceeded with a set of conditional statements to look for a cache file and return the same to the browser if found, else a buffer is created.


Now coming to the bottom cache, developers need to code for the event of cache file not being found on the server. If the file is not found, then this file will enable to create a new cache file. Next time, when the same page is requested, the cache file is executed and served directly to the browser. Finally, clients hiring a dedicated programmer would do well to include the top cache file in the beginning of the code and the bottom cache page at the end of the code of the main page. Clients will surely be delighted at the remarkable improvement.


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