Latest CSS techniques that Web designers must know

Latest CSS techniques that Web-designers must know

Styling is usually considered as one of the less important aspects of web development but in fact, at least in our experience where a range of clients have hired our dedicated developers, we have found that styling can indirectly but significantly improve the user engagement, thereby positively affecting end sales.

In our quest to share our knowledge with the developer community and in keeping up with the latest trends in web development, we bring to you this blogpost where we share some of the latest CSS techniques that web programmers must check out. Clients hiring a dedicated programmer for intense and innovative styling would surely be impressed by it.

Do more with CSS Grids

We are sure that web developers would be very much familiar with CSS Grids. For the uninitiated, CSS grids offers a grid based layout system with required number of rows and columns. The key here is for web programmers to make these grids responsive.How to do that? Make use of varying breakpoints and play around with fraction units by which you can add rows, columns, gaps as per your values.

Provide seamless scrolling

Some clients hiring a dedicated programmer pull out all the stops in ensuring a smooth browsing experience for visitors. That includes even the minuscule details such as scrolling. The CSS scroll snap gives control to the users for scrolling – both vertical and horizontal. It allows web developers to develop a seamless scrolling with code in the form of scroll snapping positions.

Keep up with the latest trend

If you are a web programmer that always wants to stay ahead in the web design field, then this is for you. CSS has a useful feature of letting web developers know whether their native browsers support the latest CSS features. Developers would have the upper hand if they knew which browser supports new CSS features.

Build on your animation

Suppose the client in question is a marketing company and it wants to hire a dedicated developer for developing a rich interactive website, aimed at capturing a lot of traffic yet at the same time differentiate itself from the competition. Animation is one area where web programmers can build on to create an impact on visitor engagement. CSS has come a long way from featuring static elements to a range of animation effects like hover.

Get on the variable font bandwagon

Even simple styling such as using variable fonts can make a website look appealing. Some clients hire a dedicated programmer to develop a brand out of their website and for that they would emphasise on all sorts of styling that set themselves apart. Variable font is very much a latest thing. It is a single file having multiple variations of existing fonts. Web programmers would do well to play around with this list that is growing as we write this blog. The best results arise out of effective collaboration of clients and web developers.

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