Crafting a Real Estate Website using HomePress

Crafting a Real Estate Website using HomePress
Clients and businesses across sectors hire dedicated programmers for developing their website.The work of a programming stalwart is very diverse and often one has to juggle between multiple projects effortlessly.Sometimes, in keeping with our commitment to complete projects quickly, we may deploy a one-size fits all solutions. This holds true especially in the development of themes. But we must remember that clients choose to hire a dedicated programmer for a specific project – to develop that unique website that makes the business stand out and also users to keep coming back.

In our experience, many clients have come to us to hire dedicated WordPress developers  to get a website up and running for their real estate business. In this blogpost, our dedicated developers seek to share some thoughts with regard to HomePress – a very good tool to build real estate websites.

Functionality is Key

When real estate business hires a dedicated WordPress Developer, he expects a site that is easy to use for both the client and visitors. HomePress advocates exactly that, employing a host of impressive and functional features. It allows for easy navigation by the visitor and a simple way of managing property listings by the client.

One of the crucial requirements of a good website for a made to order business that hires a dedicated developer is the provision of a decent number of filters and categories. This effective search functionality minimises the task of the user. With HomePress, dedicated programmers can do this and even make use of features like auto-complete suggestions.

In any crucial purchase, like that of automobiles and property, visitors would be delighted if there were easy and quick features for comparing, analysing and deciding. Clients hiring dedicated programmers would do well to gauge this and make use of HomePress’ ability to bookmark properties and compare listings.

An Impressive Signature

The incorporation of uListing plugin into HomePress means that clients hiring a dedicated WordPress Developer can go for more customisation in displaying their property listings. Developers can also get their creativity juices flowing by opting for virtual tours of the property site. This is a very good factor in engaging visitors to the site.

What’s more? HomePress also has a massive collection of pre-designed templates. They all are ready to use. Businesses that want to quickly get on board with their website can hire dedicated programmers to formulate on an impressive readymade theme.

The Analytics Icing

Finally, HomePress also a rich feature of analysing all the data of the client’s business. If they are hiring a dedicated developer to develop a mechanism to analyse the indicators of website performance, HomePress can satisfy that too.

The entire HomePress plugin was designed keeping in mind the specific needs of the real estate industry along with deep research. Thus, clients who are seeking to hire dedicated programmers can start using this amazing plugin without second thoughts.


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