Completed PHP Project: PHP Training

PHP Training provides real-time training from beginner to advanced level programs with project-based training. For this client, we did develop a mini-project with paid and free versions using PHP, HTML and Bootstrap CSS.

Here you will even download PHP code materials for practice. The PHP course syllabus is hand-crafted by industry experts, and they adhere to the syllabus with latest technologies based on current industry demands across various disciplines.

Standalone Mini projects list:

-Login Scripts:
You can embed the login form in any of your existing web pages. The login form is built using AJAX submit and it will be check email and password match without reloading the whole page.

-Data Table
Developed based on modern design principles and state of the art UI/UX. All data listed using datatable Ajax server side script.
-Search Box Scripts
You can embed the search form in any of your existing web pages. You can enter some text in the search box then displays the search results with pagination.
-Contact Form
“Simple Contact Form ” is a PHP based library which enables users to integrate a contact form into their web application. The contact form is built using AJAX and it will send the message.