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Hire dedicated CakePHP Developers

Hire dedicated CakePHP developers from HireDedicatedProgrammers.com to create a scalable, flexible and robust platform for you in PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor). First and foremost, we are experts and know what we do. As a result, when it comes to CakePHP, we are one of the best. We will work hard to ensure your project gets completed on time and error-free. Therefore, you should choose us.

What is CakePHP?

Now, for some background on CakePHP. CakePHP is a PHP-based application framework following the model-view-controller (MVC) approach. The logo for CakePHP is a cake with 3 layers that represent the models, views, and controllers that the framework uses.

The concept for CakePHP is in the same vein to that of Ruby on Rails in that it is open source and distributed under the MIT License.

The Polish programmer, Michal Tatarynowicz is responsible for the founding of the language. Originally, in April 2005, he wrote a minimal version of rapid application development (RAD) framework in PHP and called it ‘Cake’.

Meanwhile, during December of the same year, the Cake Software Foundation emerged in order to promote CakePHP.

After that, in May 2006, CakePHP version 1.0 was released. Likewise and keeping with the food theme, the community documentation project is called the ‘CakePHP Cookbook’.

Currently, Japan uses CakePHP the most followed by the United States in second and Brazil coming in third.


Why Hire Dedicated CakePHP Developers

Our CakePHP developers are highly experienced, knowledgeable, and eager to deliver quality projects. HireDedicatedProgrammers.com can deliver cost-effective CakePHP solutions within client timelines and are experts in building custom plugins and modules. Our team is up for the challenge.

We have a lot of CakePHP expertise, for instance, in the following:

  • CakePHP customization
  • Custom module Development
  • Content Management System development
  • System Design
  • Enterprise-level applications using CakePHP
  • Integration & migration Services
  • Shopping Cart development Services
  • Extension development
  • Module installation
  • Design Integration and customization
  • Existing CakePHP application modification
  • Hire dedicated CakePHP developers

Moreover, you can check out Our PHP Projects. we have completed so far for other companies. For example, our team has created a mobile app enabling peer to peer connections among users, with both public and private chat rooms.

As such, there can be no doubt that we are one of the best when it comes to CakePHP. If you have any questions to clarify or need any additional information please feel free to call us or add us to your Skype.

What We Offer:

  • Dedicated and Flexible Resources
  • Customized, client-centric solutions
  • One stop shop for software solutions
  • Effective communication
  • Cost Effective solutions
  • Unique and proven approach to development
  • Daily reporting, direct communication via Skype or telephone and fast mail response.
  • There are no hidden costs and we guarantee the quality of our work.No hidden cost is involved,guarantee quality coding.
  • Robust infrastructure with, uninterrupted internet access and, all available required hardware and software
  • 24 hour replacement of your developer if he is unable to work for any reason
  • A healthy work environment where your developer solves problems faster through mutual collaboration


There are some less than honest companies out there that will treat you great - until you have signed a contract. We are different. We are a small business and understand how to deliver projects that meet or exceed the client's expectations.

we are different
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quote-left I am pleased to recommend ‘Hire Dedicated Programmers’. We are an ideas company, we know how to create the concept, write up the requirements and create the architectural design. quote-right

Ian Maciver. -

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Technical Expertise

  • Extensive skillset and expertise in all major technologies including XHTML, HTML5/CSS3, CakePHP, PHP, JavaScript, AJAX, MySQL, JQuery and more
  • All of the programmers on our team have at least 4 years of experience programming with many having completed the equivalent of a master’s degree in computer science or software engineering.

Project Management

  • You will receive daily updates on your project.
  • 24X7 Technical support
  • You will have close partnership with an assigned project manager that is assigned to your project at no additional charge
  • Frequent communication with your assigned project manager via Skype or Email

Why HDP?

  • We plan for and make a strategy to achieve your business goals.
  • We provide a highly collaborative design and development process.
  • We test your project to make sure that your requirements are fulfilled.
  • You own all rights to the code we produce for you.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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